As of February 15th, DC has removed the vaccination mandate. Proof of vaccination is no longer required upon entry to indoor establishments. The mask mandate has also been removed for fully-vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask in indoor public spaces.

Adele Sullivan


Samuel Minifie

Adele Sullivan and Samuel Minifie

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Our Story

Our story begins on a crisp fall night in October 2015 when we met at a very classy DC establishment in Adams Morgan...a bar named Madam's Organ. We chatted and listened to their famous live music until we shut the place down. We both tried our first "orange crush" that night, as that was the drink special, and we probably crushed way too many. That brings us to our first kiss. That very same night, Adele stood up to get ready to leave and while almost stumbling over her barstool, Sam was there to save the day and leaned in for a kiss. How sweet! We feel so blessed to have found one another and the rest is history!

On December 7, 2019, Sam took Adele to one of their favorite outdoor date spots, Gravelly Point Park. Nestled right by the Potomac River, looking across to the monuments, Sam got down on one knee and proposed! Adele said she blacked out halfway through his speech because she was so excited, but obviously said YES! We popped champagne and celebrated. Sam had family and friends waiting at The Capital Grille downtown to surprise Adele. It was an amazing day and one we will never forget!

We can't wait to start this next chapter of our lives together, surrounded by the most amazing family and friends. Thank you for being a part of our special day and for all of your love and support over the years!

xo, Adele & Sam